Saturnus Productions

SATURNUS PRODUCTIONS is the official label of Attila Csihar, established in 2002. Known as the vocalist of Mayhem, Tormentor, Sunn O))), Plasma Pool, Void ov Voices and many, many other bands and projects. The purpose of Saturnus Productions is to make Attila’s varied work, from his 35 year musical career and experiences, available for everyone. Many of those releases are no longer available at any other record label or even unreleased before. Time to change this and therefore Saturnus Productions is working hard to put a back catalogue online asap!

Saturnus Productions’ NEW releases!:
STN-005 Mayhem ‘Life Eternal’ Picture-LP, Limited to 3000 copies.
STN-008 Tormentor ‘Covid WitchFuck’ CD, Limited to 500 Live in Tatabanya Hungary 2020

Saturnus Productions’ official earlier releases:
STN-001 2005 Tormentor ‘Anno Domini’ CD – recorded in 1988
STN-002 2016 Tormentor ‘Anno Domini’ LP – recorded in 1988
STN-003 2016 Tormentor ‘The 7th Day Of Doom’ LP – recorded in 1987
STN-004 2016 Tormentor ‘The 7th Day Of Doom’ CD/DVD – recorded in 1987
STN-010 2019 Tormentor ‘Anno Daemoni’ 2LP Live 2019 – recorded in 2018
STN-010 2019 Tormentor ‘Anno Daemoni CD/DVD Live – recorded in 2018

Saturnus Productions’ official upcoming releases:
STN-009 Plasma Pool ‘Live in Szeged’ – recorded in 1992
STN-011 Plasma Pool ‘Tompa Baj’ – recorded in 1993
STN-012 Plasma Pool ‘Studio Experience’ – recorded in 1993
STN-013 Plasma Pool ‘Anthology” Live – recorded in 1990-1993
STN-014 Void Ov Voices ‘Baalbek – The Sacrificial Stone’ – recorded in 2012
STN-015 Void Ov Voices ‘Live in London’ – recorded in 2012
STN-016 Tormentor ‘Sick Years’ Live – recorded in 1987-1989
STN-017 Hiedelem Live – recorded in 2020
STN-018 Hiedelem Studio Demo – recorded in 2019
Keep Of Kalessin ‘Reclaim’ LP – recorded in 2004
Speed Injektion Limited LP – recorded in 2020
Attila Csihar ‘The Best Of…’ LP Version – recorded in 1988-2002

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