Attila’s Life Eternal Bundle: CBD Oil, Bag, Mask and T-Shirt ‘Snake’
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SATIQUM RAW 6,66% CBD oil – 10ml

This type of CBD oil, thanks to it’s medium-chain triglycerides absorbs faster than average fat, and helps the effective delivery of cannabionids into the system.

Besides the harmonic character and other useful characteristics, another advantage while using MCT oil, it is stored as energy and not as fat once it’s delivered into the system.
The cannabionids and other useful, plant-based ingredients are extracted with the SUPERCRITICAL FLUID EXTRACTION (SFE) CO2, resulting in the preservation of the valueable plant-based components in the best possible way.

With the use of this method, the natural plant-based extracts are characterized by the harmonic spectrum of the compound, which aids the body’s self-healing and adjusting processes.

Use and dosage:

Everyone has different and individual needs, the recommended amount of drops therefore shall be used as a point of reference.

  • Shake before use!
  • Recommended daily dosage: 3 to 10 drops 2-3 times daily, with a maximum of 20 drops daily!
  • Don’t use while pregnant or breastfeeding, unless your doctor orders otherwise


Store away from excessive heat, light and humidity, on room temperature. Keep away from children!


CO2 hemp extract: 3825 mg
RSPO MCT oil: 6175 mg
(CBD/CBDA≈666 mg.)