Tormentor was the first band of Attila, since 1985. They recorded a demo in 1987 called ‘The 7th Day Of Doom’ and a full length LP entitled ‘Anno Domini’ in 1988. Unfortunately, because of Hungary’s former political system, these recordings could not get released in those days. Mayhem’s guitar player Euronymous wanted to release Anno Domini on his Deathlike Silence Productions label and as a result Tormentor’s situation became actually the reason why Attila was invited to join Mayhem. After lots of chaotic and terrible events Anno Domini finally got released on tape by Nocturnal Art Productions from Norway (Hail Samoth!) in 1995. And ‘The 7th Day of Doom’ demo was released by Holocaust Records from Italy (Hail Luigi Coppo!) in 1997. All of these releases were quite limited and sold out fast. Later on, Attila decided to bring them out again (remastered from the original master tape) via his own label Saturnus Productions.

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